Friday, October 6, 2006

ResxEditor 1.0

It's not exactly easy to get customers to supply localized text in a usable format. Copy/pasting text from Word to Visual Studio is not exactly one of my favorite activities. So, I've decided to make life a bit easier for me and my customers.

Presenting the ResxEditor for .NET 2.0.
This tool allows you to edit resource files side by side. It recognizes the .NET convention of postfixing the locale to the file name. Though similar to PeopleWords ResxEditor , there is one major difference. This tool shows multiple resource files side by side. Allowing both me and my customers to manage resources and translate text in one easy tool.

ResxEditor is available for download now. You're free to do with it as you please though I would appreciate some credits if you decide to use it. Please feel free to contact me if you think the tool can be improved or you'd like to get the source code.

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