Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Finally... no more NDoc troubles

After spending way too much time being frustrated with NDoc and some of it's 'upgraded' versions crashing on my brand new generic classes, I've finally found what I need to get rid of NDoc all together.

Apparently it was right under my nose all this time! Microsoft is working on a tool called Sandcastle. It's a bunch of tools and XSL's used to transform XML code comments into an HtmlHelp project.

Since there's no official UI yet I've tried to build a NAnt script that runs all the tools and transforms in the right order but that did not yield a quick result. Fortunately a good Sandcastle UI is already available from the community. It looks just like NDoc so it's pretty much a click and go exercise. Just what I needed!

The final recipe (so far):

I hope this saves at least one other developer from going through the same problems I have!

Update - Managed to get the NAnt build working after all. If anyone wants the script I'll post it here. - It appears NDoc is officially dead. There will be no 2.0 release unless someone picks up where Kevin Downs stopped...