Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moving a Sitefinity site into another database

I’ve come across a couple of occasions where I needed to copy the structure and layout of one Sitefinity site into an existing Sitefinity database. For example when moving from a development or staging environment to production.

I did some research and found no point-and-click solution for this so far. The Sitefinity API does support duplicating pages but that does not seem to work well for moving pages from one database to another.

Then I came across the handy site export feature in Sitefinity. This allows you to export an entire site into a zip. The zip can be used to create a new site. Under the hood there’s and ExportModule that’s doing all the work. The zip contains both the site’s files and a set of XML files that hold the site structure and any content you may have entered. So, to duplicate a site into an existing database here’s what to do: